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A thread about wall construction

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If you have neighbors, you'll have to float at least your Live Room. Otherwise, it's guaranteed problems.

How high is your ceiling (building structure) and what is the load bearing capacity of the floor?

If you can get us that data, then we'll be able to tell you what's feasible technically.

Ceiling height is only 10ft to the underside of the roof supports. As it stands the drop ceiling is just short of 9 1/2 feet.

The floor is a solid concrete foundation so I'm pretty sure it'll support anything I throw at it.

Any ideas about what issues I'm going to have with the windows?

Windows: not an issue.

Ceiling height: possibly an issue... If you have to float.

Why would I have to float the floor if it's a solid slab? The building isn't on level ground but the slab is certainly level. On my end I'm sitting on about four feet of solid concrete.

It's still to be determined if you need to float or not. Mechanical noise transmission is a tough monkey. If you take a risk and it turns out you have a problem, the whole project could be pretty much worthless and unusable. So it's best to investigate the current situation and needs and decide after. Keeping a major safety margin. Not floating = we are sure there are very limited risks. In case of a doubt: float. Floating isn't as expensive as people think wrt to the rest of the costs.

- Have you got plans of the whole building (including foundations & cross sections) in PDF or JPEG?
- Have you got direct neighbors?
- How much flanking are your ready to tolerate from LR to CR?
- How much vibrations from the nearby street are you ready to tolerate?

If you can post the pics & plans of your building here, I can for sure let you know what the first impressions are on that.


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