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Nick, a couple of thoughts from a fellow Texan in a strip mall locale...(I'm in Midland)

- Windows:  when the wind starts blowing like a banshee, those huge windows can resonate loud enough to hear.  What we ended up doing was putting up interior bracing to stabilize them, R19 in the spaces, and decorative boarding on the outside - also gave the place a much higher security level.

- Ceiling: You not only share a slab, but a roof - that's been our biggest battle.  When planning to make the room in a room thing, plan for that, as well as extending HVAC, etc...

- Future Building:  I don't know where you are in Dallas, but where I leased in Midland has dramatically changed over the past 3 years...Since I've been at the current location, major construction has gone on with 1/4 mile of me, thus making isolation (and dust) control almost impossible.  Check with the city to find out if there are building permits - if so, plan to add more isolation now, as its a lot cheaper now than to retrofit.

- Neighbors: before laying down one piece of wood, find out who your neighbors are and get friendly with them.  Two weeks after I opened, the place next door decided to become a loud bar with bands and a full liquor license - changed their noise level so in my tracking area with their bands playing, I was reading 60dB!!!  Took the city council to intervene.

Just some more things to think about regarding noise...


That is ALL very good advice! the part about future building and knowing thy neighbors should be advice for all those considering construction in commercial locations.



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