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Nick,  Ironically I will be in Dallas this coming week, but I'm totally booked up for the two days I'm there. Russ Berger is local, but I doubt he will get involved unless there is a real budget. I'm in and out of Dallas for the next few months on construction review of another project. If you would like to discuss a consult, let me know...

Also you can contact Mark Genfan at Acoustic Spaces (based in Austin). He's an old friend and I'm sure he could help you out. (he's on the forum but I can't recall his username....)


--- Quote from: ShakesTheClown on April 22, 2011, 05:15:04 AM ---This is pretty intimidating.

Any suggestions of who I would contact near Dallas, Texas?

--- End quote ---

Thanks Fran--already been talking to Nick for a week or two! Looking at solutions that meet reality of budget situation. 

Nick.. his username is Genfan... 8)


Oh, I'm sorry.  I didn't catch that we were specifically talking about sound isolation.  Yeah, low-tech soundproofing isn't going to do much for that.  I have had some luck with sound curtains and sound isolation, though.  The better quality ones do market to that.  I agree that sound isolation is important and should be done well, though. 


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