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Originally Posted: Mon, 13 March 2006

We had 3 mics stolen this weekend from White Recital Hall at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Details:
1 Neumann USM691, matte finish (black), serial # 1752
 2 Schoeps CMC-6Ug, Nextel finish, serial #s 21629 and 21630
 2 Schoeps MK2s Omni capsules
Please keep your eyes peeled in case these show up on the used market at some point. Also missing is a pair of Mackie SRM450s, but the fuckers can keep those.
Bob Beck
Robert Beck
Chief Audio Engineer
Conservatory Recording
UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance
Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Hi Klaus,

AJ Epstein here. I run the West of Lenin black box space in Seattle.

Sometime over the last couple months, my Soundelux U95 walked away. It was in great shape in it's grey metal briefcase with it's power supply and cable in the case.

I don't have the serial #. I believe the card with that info was in the case :(

Could you please post this to the PSW thread you manage about missing mics?


"AJ Epstein" <[email protected]>

Stolen, on Feb. 12, 2013 in Los Angeles:

VF14- 129 "M"
VF14- 563 NOS
VF14- 629 NOS
VF14- 382 "M"
VF14- #5 Serial is at SPA I'm waiting for it. In Tony style theres some very hard to read identification at the bottom that says "Airtight". The previous owner.

Dusk Bennett
Artist Development/Producer/Technical Services
Los Angeles Ca
"Award Winning Work, Everytime..."

I have seen the valve # 129 VF14M on this page.
Maybe, you should ask the owner where the valve came from ....


New stolen mics reported today:

1.   2- Sony C48ís,  Serial # 5082 and 5084

2.   Sony 535, Serial # 2140

3.   Sennheiser MD441, Serial# 82851

4.   Neumann U87, Serial# 58429

5.   Neumann M149, Serial# 1731

6.   AKG C12VR, Serial# 709

7.   Royer 121, Serial# 2148


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