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Author Topic: mixing and homerecording limiting tha damages  (Read 1371 times)


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mixing and homerecording limiting tha damages
« on: January 25, 2006, 07:18:50 pm »

hi there
i'm an homerecorder of our band
we have a mac (finally, the pc has wasted a lot of my musiq-time) and a onyx mixer to get there 24bit depth with 16tracks using tracktion as intermediate (i record 44100)
i use motu digital performer as a multitrack sequencer and editor
i have some average-good mics, nothing incredible but we are proud of them, so the tracks sound good we are happy and we want to improve the overall result
we do some sort of alternative rock so we have some hard moment and some psichedelic ventures, lounges
now while i was reading the bob katz (god bless him) bible on mastering i understood that i would hardly become a good (for our purpouses) mixer but i will never "master" audio
so i decided to work this album thinking to the mix as a premastering stadium wich is maybe normal at greater levels but we are not pro and among the people i know (someone more known than us) not usual for budget problems and not far-seeing minds
then i am asking for anyone out there some hints some pratical DO NOT DO THIS, or TRY TO AVOID THIS with some YOU SHOULD DO THIS or CONSIDER FOR EXAMPLE THIS... about limiting damages BEFORE coming to some master's pro
I mean I record trough my mixer via firewire into the DAW
I never go down 24bit (i read the book i manage some of the main concepts) but i'm considering some good plugin for the mixing moments (tc or uad?)
can i use the stems way to preserve some touching for the master mom (i feel good with 6 stems)?
I learned not to trust the level meters then i'm mixing a little bit lower than i used to
i mean no channel going red neither the master one and no master limiting or some other cheat (waster)
then the mix will get to maximum power in mastering?
is this a preservative way of thinking?
how i can easily go to a more sure meter way for my master out within a budget?
i monitor with the nearfield genelec (mid-budget ones like 1029)
i'm considering some loudspeaker monitor to get some help in objectivity do you think that a jbl lsr with a 8" woofer could give a more natural but still monitoring level sound?
thx a lot
if this sound confusing it's just because i'm a bit confused
as i will have the first song mix i will contact some master eng. to see with him if i'm working good and if his work can enhance mine

i love when something play damned good with a good idea behind
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