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Pink Noise without Distortions?

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Bruno Putzeys:
What you call distortions are actually two different matters. The first is that noise, ideally, is random. In randomness, anything is possible. Just like the ideal random ASCII generator will at some point deliver the entire Gettysburg Address, punctuation and all, a noise source will appear to produce bursts of regularity. If not, it wouldn't be random (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infinite_monkey_theorem). To make matters worse, our brains are exquisitely attuned to detecting such snippets and attaching significance to them. Amidst acoustical noise we hear burps, bangs, screeches and if you're very suggestible, voices (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_voice_phenomena).
It's actually remarkably difficult to rig a random number generator such that these things don't happen. After all, what you're asking is all the randomness minus those randomly occurring bursts of apparent nonrandomness.
Secondly, as was already pointed out, they may be using a short snippet of noise that is being looped. This severely compounds the first problem because by repetition *any* part of the signal becomes recognizable and you hear it repeat. So if you plan to make your own "noise track", make sure it is very long.


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