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Speaker placement & listening position (when everything falls into place)


Well, I had a small 140Hz problem (dip) in my new room and I spent a lot of time to find the optimum listening spot, which happened to be a little further back than first suggested by the acoustician. The room was shortened a little in construction, which probably was the reason for this.

Now things both measure and sound good, and working is easier than ever before. I love it! My speakers are a sealed box design, which seems to make placement a little more tolerant than with other types of driver loading.

I should be getting my new Towersonic stands here within two weeks, so I'm soon able to lock the placement in for good.

Nice! Glad to hear things are settling in nicely.

Yah, when Thomas flew in to finish off my room, we spent a little time dialing things in - I was so amazed by how good the room sounded initially that it took me a couple of weeks to tweak and finalize the speakers' placement. They didn't move very much and my listening position didn't move at all, but small moves can make a pretty sizable difference in response and imaging.

Some of the most important tweaks are free - they just cost some of your time...

Certainly took a while getting my IB1's in the right spot/angles.

Allen Corneau:
While I've been in the same room with the same speakers for over 11 years now, I'm taking some time to play with the speaker placements to try to fine tune things a bit.

I've moved them a couple of times in the last few weeks, and while it's weird to have your "window" into the music change it's reassuring to hear the little improvements as you get things tweaked.


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