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Beyerdynamic M88 now lacking bass



I recently used my beloved and vintage M88 to record kick drums. On the latest session it was to record vocals. It seems that my mic now lacks bass a bit. Did it happen to any of you ? It still sounds quite nice though...
Is a dynamic mic aging by exposure to high spl and losing bass ?



Tim Campbell:
I would hazard to guess that either something (dirt, old foam, etc.) is blocking the back venting of the capsule or something (dirt, old foam, etc.) is restricting the movement of the diaphram by either pressing against it or perhaps becoming lodged in the coil gap; or at some point the diaphram has been overextended and can't return fully to its original position.

Beyerdynamic still makes this mic and does excellent repair work.

In the manual for the M88-TG, Beyer mandates a pop screen when using this microphone with bass drum.  I've never met anyone that actually uses one in that application (I certainly never have, with mine), but the clear implication (if it's OK with Klaus for me to jump to this conclusion) is that damage could occur without it.

thanks for your replies,

I 'll check the vents and diaphragm suspension first. maybe ask beyer for a check in case I can't do anything to it..
m88 sound very nice on bassdrums by the way..


--- Quote from: maxime on March 20, 2011, 05:47:28 PM ---m88 sound very nice on bassdrums by the way..

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I agree.  But heeding the implied warning in the manual, I do make it a practice to keep mine out of the path of air blasts coming from ports/vents on resonant-side bass drum heads, if I'm putting it on a drum that has one of those. 


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