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Dear saint Ron

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There are not that many bands I can listen to that always make me excited.

Bad Brains is one of them.

Care to share your perspective on them?
What were they like in the studio? They put on live shows that I will never forget. Did their energy translate to the studio?
It seems from the progression of their albums, that they took well to a little (possibly a lot) of polish.
Since you worked with them more than once, I assume you think they rock too?

I like their earlier albums as well, but I Against I and Quickness are seminal records for me...
great music with passion, and production that conveys honesty and stands up to repeated listens.

Were they high all the time?

Hi P.M.,

In a word,"YES"! Those two albums and the live, "The Youth Are Getting Restless" were groundbreakers, earth movers with Historical Impact. DEFINITELY seminal albums for me and all who were involved, too. Although I have made hundreds of albums, those two in particular and "I Against I" specifically, no matter WHERE I travel in the world, there are ALWAYSpeople who all have the SAME reaction as you express here. So much so, if fact, that I can not even BELIEVE either of those albums even achieved 'Gold' status! (They probably have, but SST [like all labels] is surely 'creative' with their accounting)! The TRUE satisfaction, though, comes from so many people all over the world, including countless musicians (many who are icons now in their own right) ALL pay homage and are still listeners to this day!

Surely in my "Personal Top 5"of my 39+ years in the business! The inspiration, energy intensity all connected and is UNDENIABLE to this day! 'I Against I' stayed on my turntable for 14 months!!! No matter WHAT I was working on, the needle dropped on that record every single morning as I got ready for work and after every single session when I got home, no matter how LONG my day was. I didn't even realize it had been on my turntable that long until I finally took it off and actually remembered when I put it on the first time!!!

It captures the true spirit of music and the musicianship does not get any better. TWO DAYS to record! AWESOME!

Thanks for Asking!

Happy Continued Listening & Blue Skies!  Saint

Thank you so much, saint.

You are blessed to have been a part of something that remains so inspirational to yourself, and many others.

Yo, P.M.,

TRUE, Dat...


--- Quote from: saint on March 19, 2011, 01:49:36 AM ---Hi

It captures the true spirit of music and the musicianship does not get any better. TWO DAYS to record! AWESOME!

--- End quote ---

2 DAYS???  Holy Shit!!

Gotta love it when the bulk of your job is just rolling the tape and letting the guys with the instruments do their thing!

How much pre-pro went into a record like "I Against I?"  ...and perhaps to broaden the question...how do you prefer to pre-pro a band to prep them for THAT sort of studio experience?


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