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--- Quote from: John Scrip - MASSIVE Mastering on March 16, 2011, 12:46:43 AM ---Spec allows for an average of 220 C1 per second over any 1--second period (which is ridiculous and I'm sure you wouldn't send out such a disc - but that's what the spec allows). 

--- End quote ---

It is also worth saying that Plextools only reports the number of error correction frames with errors so you could have an error correction frame with 2 errors which would still only show up as a single error in Plextools. That's why BLER rates from an Eclipse or Clover system are generally higher than the C1 rates shown by Plextools.


All the taiyo's I have bought over the last year or so have still not have JVC mentioned on them, I steer away if they have JVC written on them, they have JVC disks that are cheaper but I stick with what I know until I cannot anymore.

Jerry Tubb:
We've bought a few TY spindles of 100, that had the JVC sticker on the outer wrapper, and they were just fine.

Not super-low errors, but certainly waaay within spec.



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