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Hi Chaps,

 I was just doing a routine check on some of my masters and I noticed I was getting c1 averages of 3.5.  I normally like to keep it under 3 and an average of 30.
So I called the local plant and asked them what their specs were for c1s and c2s on audio masters.
They basically said they'll pass  anything bar E32s.
Is this the same in the U.S and other countries?


John Scrip - MASSIVE Mastering:
Spec allows for an average of 220 C1 per second over any 1--second period (which is ridiculous and I'm sure you wouldn't send out such a disc - but that's what the spec allows). 

A single C2 and the disc gets thrown out here.  Although I understand it doesn't "need" to be.  But I wouldn't send a production master for my CD in if it had C2's, so I'm not sending anyone else's either.   

thanks for that John.

I also meant to say that I was getting peaks, not averages of 30.

I tend to get 1.5 av per sec. at the moment with my current batch of disks and a Plextor 716A.

I am noticing that the drive produced slightly lower error rate disks if the PC has been running 2/3 hours which may suggest temperature if affecting the drive, though I am talking 3 vs 1.5 C1's av per sec here.

Jerry Tubb:
0.5 avg/sec C1's here on the current batch of TY media on a NOS 716a.

Previous batch was more in that 1.5 range.

To me it's almost entirely dependent on the batch of discs, I often check the batch number on the inner band, keeping the best ones for masters, the others for refs.



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