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Replacement foam for dynamic mics?


chuck anderson:
I have an ElectroVoice PL10 (looks like a smaller RE-20) that uses thin foam for shock isolation around the capsule. When I opened the mic the foam had deteriorated and was crumbling. Does anyone know of a source for acoustically transparent foam about 1/8 in thick in small quantities? I haven't had any luck even finding a part # from EV.
Chuck Anderson

Regrettably, I don't know of any foam substitute off hand, but if you can be patient a few more days, in my old forum which is being converted to an accessible archive as we speak, there was an informative thread about EV foam replacement. (You may even be able to search it, if the old forum still allows access.)

Jim Williams:

These guys are doing wonderful Electrovoice restorations. They even do powdercoating and gold plating. Give them a call, they are cheaper than EV's service dept, and they are ex-EV employees too.

To stay within the Ground Rules, I presume you have had personal experience with the company? And if so, please share it.

Jim Williams:
You must flogg me, I have not used their services, personally. My RE-20 is in good shape, but I am considering their metalwork service as I would love to have a gold RE-20. If you look at the examples on his web site, the work is gorgeous.  They do offer this service at considerable discount from the EV service dept. so they should be considered as an alternative mic service co, one we need more of, not less. These are ex-EV service dept. employees, so I would not fear their capabilities.

Although I have not used your services, I would not hesitate to recommed you too as I know enough about your capability without having used your expertise.  Perhaps another reader with personnal experience can share their results as I have read their testimonials in other forums, all being very positive.


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