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Is it possible to buff out minor blemishes ?


 Tim Porter here needing some major advice on my 1976 U87.
 I foolishly loaned it to a close friend whose daughter's favorite vocal mic is my U87 that she has used here a few times.

The girl who's just 16 really wanted to borrow my U87 (to use it in another studio.)
The studio engineer, instead of using my Neumann shock mount, used his $25.00 POShe had on his mic stand in the vocal booth. He somehow clamped the Neumann badge in a bad position as it is now mangled.

He also managed to leave numerous blemishes like the one in the picture below on the body; at least 6 scratches that are not deep but easily seen.

Can I carefully buff out some of the superficial scuffs and mars? Is there a polish that might work?
Or am I screwed and if I do anything to the mic's finish, due to patination it will end up a total disaster?

Here is a picture of the U87 with the finish marred and its badge mangled:

Thanks in advance for any information.

Regards, ,,deda,,  aka Tim Porter

This is the price we all pay for transferring libido to shiny, material things: emotional disappointment when they leave their state of perfection.

The slightly matte surface on Neumann mics is a characteristic of the brand. Buffing or polishing will alter the surface sheen, derived by the type of bead blasting Neumann's metal work contractor used. Altering it by buffing would devalue the mic more than leaving these relatively minor blemishes as they are.

I don't think, by the way, that the scratches and badge damage devalued your mic very much.

 Thanks for the info Klaus I had a feeling it would alter the finish on the U87 in a bad way.

 Thanks as always for your very valuable input.

 Your answers are always so detailed that there's never a grey area lingering after you have spoken.

 You are the man.

 Regards, ,,deda,,     aka Tim Porter

Please, don't do nothing!


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