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MP3's (continued)


Allen Corneau:
Howdy folks,

Apparently my post was the very last one allowed on the old board, but was asking a question so with Brad's permission I'm continuing the conversation here.

--- Quote ---David Glasser wrote on Sat, 05 March 2011 14:53

I can't think of any other industry where so many practitioners trip over themselves to boast - proudly - how much work they do for free.
--- End quote ---


For some reason your comment has been stuck in my head since I read this post. So I'll ask...

How do you charge for making MP3's? Do you charge regular "on the clock" studio time, a flat rate, something else? I know Airshow is a big shop with lots of clients, so I'm curious how that works in your operation.

Wouldn't mind if Chris Athens or Dave McNare spoke up about how this is handled at Sterling as they are also at a "big shop" studio.

Original thread found here:

David Glasser:
We treat all deliverables the same - a master is a master, whether it's MP3s for download sales, a CD, a DDP Image, or an SACD Cutting Master. And we charge fairly for all QC-ed masters ordered by the client. I can't conceive of conducting business any other way.

Allen Corneau:
Thanks, Dave.

Hopefully more folks will speak up about their policies.

I guess I should toss in my 2 cents... We charge for the disc if on CD-ROM ($5) or no charge if uploaded.

Honestly, I think Dave's take on it is the way it should be, but the "way it should be" and "the way it is" are two separate things sometimes.

Jerry Tubb:
We generally go "on the clock" for generating and delivering mp3's (or any other audio format). Just because it's a cheep low-res portable format doesn't mean it should done for free, as an afterthought.

Reminds one of the last minute "can you run a cassette of that?" request of yore ;-)

Best, JT

If a client requires MP3's they get them free of charge here.
Though I do not like doing it if I do not have time to listen to them, I send a disclaimer
if I can't telling the artist to listen through on cans before any uploads.


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