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Our Japan correspondent writes...


Hi All,

I just shot an email to Gregg Janman of Hermetech Mastering in Yokohama to see if he was OK, and he's written back:

"hey nigel,

thanks so much for the concern! we are all well and trying to gear up for the staggered black-outs, which will start tomorrow.

please let anyone concerned know that we are all well and in good spirits, if not a little freaked out. it's bad timing with the forum moving the same day, i wish i could post a notice on the old forum to let people know we are safe.

all the best,


EDIT: Gregg has just posted separately as well with some further details.

Hermetech Mastering:
thanks for all the concern and offers of help. it has been unbelievable in just so many ways. luckily no one i know of, or their friends or relatives, have been injured so far or died.

it sounds crazy, but we are all just counting ourselves SO lucky at the moment. trying to stay calm and not freak out. again, thanks for all the good wishes and support. anyone who wants to contribute to a charity should consider donating here:


we are on constant guard as the government/nhk tv have said that there is a 70% chance of another magnitude 7 or higher after-shock earthquake in the same region within the next three days.

the best up to date news i have been able to find has been the BBC live news feed here:


all the best,


Thanks for the update, Gregg. Prayers lifted for you and yours.

We are grateful that Gregg-san and family are all o.k.   

Good luck on the road, ahead...

Fingers crossed that all ionizing radiation leaks will be brief and mild enough not to cause noticeable harm.   

Somewhat reminiscent regrettably to BP oil leak and fires.

Is too bad so few studios are able to be all-green.   

Stay safe,

Space Camp Premastering


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