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For the last week or more - a daily dose of opera, remastering for CD some live broadcast Joan Sutherland performances from the Sydney Opera House. A bit of restoration and a lot of sonic sweetening.

Also lovely classical/jazz/world piano/percussion from the amazing Sicilian Katia Pesti; and a couple of EPs for some great local indie bands.

Favourite work this year was on the double CD from the Alaskan electric jazz bassist Milo Mathews: soulful songs, great arrangements - and great mixes ...

Tomorrow - nothing and everything - the Knif Soma has just arrived this afternoon and its going to get a lot of my attention on a lot of different music.



Did a beautiful sounding kid's folk album on Monday. Great musicians, tracked in a good room to a 2" MCI and mixed on an Amek Hendrix console by an engineer with 30+ years of experience. Amazing.

I've had a lot of attended sessions. This week I had two, next week 3 days out of 5 are attended. Apparently living 2,5 hours away from my old room and 1h away from any major city doesn't prevent that.

One of the next week's project I'm waiting for is the new Moottörin Jyrinä album. You read it right. It's a kid's heavy metal band, started out as Motörhead covers for kids. Awesome stuff, actually.

Hi Guys !

it's often discussed mastering gears techniques business and "philosophy" here but not that much about music finaly.

so i'd suggest to use this topic to share songs we've worked on and we have enjoyed, because of the music, the artists, the project ...
i received this link from the New York Times this morning :http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/t-magazine/mens-fashion/2011_mens_wellrockers.html?ref=style
for a track composed by Steve Mackay featuring Iggy Pop i've worked on and so wanted to share it with you, as it's my first mastering with a "star" involved, and the project is quite unusual for me as i work mostly for avant garde / alternative projects, strangely the ppl involved there exept Iggy come from this ground, as Steve side to his work with the Stooges is playing often in dangerous fields.

I think i'll ever remember the first time i listened to this one in the studio, when he's voice came thru, i was quite paralised by this deep presence.
Avant garde is great labs to work with but working with/for such major artist was a great experience... and the occasion to send a link to my old' mother to show what he's son work on  ;D

Tim Halligan:
Nice job.

Completely off topic...the price of "fashion" appears to be utterly insane if that gallery of pics is to be believed.


Nice idea: this is one of my favourite pieces of work from last year: Boy Cried Wolf 'Firebrand' EP featuring the Manic Street Preachers - the title track is great, but I just love "No Comfort From Your Skin"  - maybe I'm just a sentimental old sold but the kind of shift at 1:15 really makes me well-up and smile:





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