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Hermetech Mastering:
I have had to cull all my mastering work since the earthquake, as the power company is trying to route as much power to the most needed areas as possible. Of course, I have been happy to do this. The other reason is due to shock. Me and family in Yokohama have been up and down like emotional yoyos. It's really only today that things have honestly started to feel a little bit back to normal, and I am sure we are all going to be traumatised for months about the tragedy.

However, I am hoping to start work again on Monday, if the power company requests to "save electricity" have stopped by then.

I was working on two projects before the quake. The first is the new EP by Danny Hyde, who is a UK engineer and remix artist who has done a lot of work with Coil, Nine Inch Nails, Pop Will Eat Itself and Adamski (he did the original 12" mix of the Adamski & Seal's "Killer"). Danny's new "Svay Pak" EP comprises five tracks with various vocalists he has worked with over the last 20 years. Three are done, and two more are left to go. The music is extremely idiosyncratic, and quite unlike anything else I have ever heard before. I feel I am extremely happy and lucky to be working on this project.

The other project is a three CD album by Dave Skipper from the UK. It's a very interesting mix of D&B, thrashy guitars and psychedelic rock. Nice combo I reckon. ;) Two discs are done, and one is left to go. The album includes remixes by Eat Static and other ex-members of The Ozric Tentacles.

I only started mastering professionally just over a year ago. In 2010 I mastered about six albums, a few EPs, a few singles, and many many "freebie" one offs. So far in 2011 I have mastered nine albums, two EPs and again, many many freebies. So things are looking up! We still intend to re-locate to Milan from Yokohama within the next few months, so again my mastering schedule will be disrupted, but I am planning on finally buying some ATC monitors and a new PC once the move is complete.

Let's all stay positive for 2011!!!


Thanks for the update, Gregg!


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