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This has been bugging me for years, literally!

A long time ago, when I was young and easily influenced, and every day seemed like a magical adventure into life, I briefly got quite into a band that ended up being the soundtrack for a brief but intoxicating period of my life.

Sadly I now have no idea who they were and wondered if I could call upon the collective awesomeness here to try and jog my memory?

All I can remember now is the tune of one of their songs which I obviously can't recreate in text, and a snippett of the lyrics:

She screams out loud but she's never heard
Blends with the crowd

I'm hoping somebody will recognise them and reacquaint me with the band...pretty sure they were from Blighty.

I loved them and that period of my life...

No idea if they were actually any good or not but it didn't matter at the time!

Might help to add the time period you're referring to...

Tim Halligan:
I tried a lyrics search and got this:

50 Cent - Get Out The Club
Dead Milkmen - Anonymous #4 - After Anderson, Walkman, Buttholes
Allman Brothers Band - Can't Get Over You
Allman Brothers Band, The - Can't Get Over You
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Jack Rowland
Little Brother - After The Party
Cohen Leonard - Anthem
Spice Girls - Never Give Up On The Good Times
Aesop Rock - Hold the Cup
Bryan Ferry - Wildcat Days
Godhead - Rotten
Chris Thile - On Ice
Garth Brooks - More Than A Memory
The Dresden Dolls - Dear Jenny
Forever The Sickest Kids - Hip Hop Chick
Deep Purple - Before Time Began
Bleu Edmondson - Last Last Time
Bowling for Soup - Thespian
Reba McEntire - Roses

We're going to need more info in order to narrow it down.



Sorry, got distracted!  ;)

Would have been late 80s I guess - English band I think, sort of souly pop, I think they were black if that helps...vaguely similar vocal style to the Goss brothers of Bros fame but a bit more funky and rocky musically.

Does that help?  :-\

Re-reading this prompted me to have another go at trawling the web for info and wouldn't you know it, I only blummin' found them!

They were: "And Why Not?"

And the song was called "Restless Days".

The album I had was "Move Your Skin".

I liked it.

A lot.


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