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AKG D19c rolloff ring causing dropouts


Nick Treweek:
Hi guys, hope the migration is going well!

I've finally received a pair of D19c mics I bought overseas a few years ago and left with a friend.

One of them is behaving strangely...in the M position, the signal is strong and clear.

However just touching the ring is enough to make it drop out completely.  Turning it away from the M position also results in complete dropout.

As far as I knew, the filter ring is simply opening and closing the port...

Any idea what else it could be affecting in this case?


Hi Nick,
Yes, you are right, the ring is just operating a valve and has nothing to do with the electronics. That means there is a short cut or bad contact somewhere.
Sounds like the capsule has gotten loose and when the ring is turned, it just triggers the problem, because the capsule moves and the wiring is affected.


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