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FS: O2R v.2 (just like at Masterdisk ;)

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Right on.  I met Mr. VanDette during that AES tour and did see his back room with SP console... 

Masterdisk was the first place I had seen a listening chair placed on the front wall between the speakers.   It would serve as a bass check position, or maybe a girlfriend chair?, I think, although it sounded pretty good, there...

My mother lives in the Village, so I visit NYC, now and then, although I'm way over in the Western edge of your time zone (Cincinnati). 


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I still record on the V2 Yamaha's occasionally, not bad, bad reverb though. Mic preamps are workmanlike, though they can distort way below 0 (zero) on the channel meter
you don't want to be driving them too hard. Once you know them it is a fast desk to work.


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