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Dear Brad's place, Thanks for the bandwidth.  (I'm actually only gonna take up 48 kHz/sample, here...  ???) 

For sale, one sweet deal on a working Yamaha O2R v.2 mixer, with extras.    On eBay, now, for auction by Serif Sound.   Same console as used by Alan Parsons and Masterdisk.   Just gotta know which features to bypass... 

Asking $555.55 for the Buy It Now.     No reserve, however, starting at $222.22.    (remember the tv show, Room 222?).     What's the catch?

No Shipping Provided.   Meter included, minus mounting brackets.  Manual included.  3 CD8-AE-S cards, installed.  (BUT, the right side of channel 22 is silent, making this a 39.5 -channel mixer, technically).  3 db25-to-XLR-M/F snakes, included.


I have decided finally to retire this.  I have replaced it with a rebuilt Neve 8014 frame that I have added Frédéric Angstrřm's sweet Neve 3416 line amps to, in addition to a pair of Neotek 1E channel strips (and a 50 dB Manley Mono Tube pre).   It now has 3 mic/line inputs and a pair of line amps for eventual summing - or as an alternative output amp for the otherwise transformerless balancing boards of the Neotek pres.    I have redubbed this Neve, model: 8014-3 (for the 3-channel inputs). 

Thanks, Brad...,


Serif Sound CD Premastering
1 (513) 542-3555

Waltz Mastering:
These were pretty slick consoles for when they came out.. around 92-93'.

I had bought 2 of them that year (one was one that B. Ludwig had demoed) and cascaded them together in an Argosy console....memories.

* might want to try the GS classifieds also.

Tim Boyce:
fyi ...  None of the rooms at masterdisk use a O2R ...   maybe once upon a time ;-)


--- Quote from: Tim Boyce on March 10, 2011, 01:02:55 PM ---fyi ...  None of the rooms at masterdisk use a O2R ...   maybe once upon a time ;-)

--- End quote ---

Thanks, Mr. Boyce.  Good to learn I am finally moving in the right direction (; 
I saw at least one O2R v.2, there, at old Masterdisk, in one of the mastering rooms (TD?) in 2001.  Saw them during the AES tour. 
Also those old Neumann SP consoles - with the ashtray....


Serif Sound CD Premastering
1 (513) 542-3555

Tim Boyce:
haha :)   Yup, the Neumann consoles are still in use.  8)

the One with the ashtray built in is in Andy VanDette's room. The ashtray doesn't see much use anymore, but the rest of the console is used everyday.

Tony's old neumann console moved into the lathe room, and he's working off a more standard sterling slanted dual bay console. (with the old processing from the original console mounted in a side rack for easy access) ;-)

Are you still in NY? I'll give you a heads-up next time we do an open house or studio tour.


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