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Plextor PX-760A - Firewire caddy?

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Hi Guys,

I have my trusty old Plextor Premium in a firewire enclosure so that I can keep it on my desk and my PC away. I managed to get a PX-760A drive on Ebay to serve as a backup. I've placed it in an identical enclosure but can't get the PC to recognise the drive. If I hook it up inside the PC via a normal IDE cable then it works fine. Just wondering if anyone else had done this with this model?


Greg Reierson:
I've had all of my optical drives in an external USB rack mount enclosure for many years. Never had any trouble working that way. Have you swapped everything and traced the problem to the drive? Cables and converter OK?


Yup, done all that. I've taken my working Plextor Premium enclosure and did a direct swap with the new drive. Still nothing. The drive certainly works though as I've plugged it in direct to the PC via IDE cable and it works perfectly. Annoying. 

This is probably a shot in the dark.. but maybe a driver update for the enclosure?

Jeff Morat

I'm using a PX760 in a firewire/usb enclosure that originally housed a PX708 drive with no problems. One thought - is the drive set to be the master on the IDE bus?



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