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Bock 251 maintenance regime


 It is my plan to purchase a Bock Audio 251 this year.

 I am wondering what sort of maintenance regime to anticipate if the mic is used and stored in a studio setting.


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While your mic contains almost no deteriorating components, aside of the tube (read my sticky on a tube's typical life-span) and possibly some types of capacitors, preventative maintenance procedures for all tube mics, including your Bock 251, should at minimum include the following:

* periodic check, and if necessary, adjustments of power supply voltages to the mic's tube heater and B+ (plate and capsule polarization voltage)

* keeping the capsule clean, and dry (read my Sticky on that subject)

* using a stocking screen for vocals at all times

* avoiding very high SPL situations

I am sure others with chime in with more tips. And if you want to get directly in touch with David about the mic he built, and what it may need in addition to the above, you can always post on his microphone forum: http://prorecordingworkshop.lefora.com/forum/category/the-microphone-closet-hosted-by-david-bock-and-ben/

Thanks for the tips.


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