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Impressions on Church 47?

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--- Quote from: johnnyk on March 29, 2011, 01:26:46 PM ---...It seems to me like the Church mic is the American hot rod. I remember building hot rods when I was 16 and taking a Porsche and placing a V6 with a paxton supercharger in it- getting the handling of the German engineering but having an American motor in it. The Porsche can not be valued as a Porsche but as hot rod.

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Can you imagine the stinky vibe in the room if you were to assemble all the Porsche hot rodders who foolishly did that way back, and who now see prices of their originally stock 356, Super 90s, Carreras and Speedsters (before hot-rodding, mind you) explode through the roof? 

Sticking with that analogy, I am not sure whether a Church-converted (bastardized?) U47 will ever come close to the same mic, pre-bastardization.

I didn't walk away from his post with the impression that he believed the Church was any closer to a 47 in monetary value or sound. He was simply stating the utilitarian value of the mic and how one could think of it in comparison to a 47. At this point I think everyone knows they are not the same.

I know you are quite critical of the Church and you are entitled to your opinion but the fact remains that it's a very good microphone for recording music. Maybe not the first pick for some but not one to be criticized when it ends up being the second.

My $.xxx



--- Quote from: duskb on April 01, 2011, 12:20:18 AM ---...the fact remains that it's a very good microphone for recording music...

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Fully agreed.


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