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Hi From Brazil!!! i'm looking for a Vintage Console to recording and Mainly Summing My Daw mixes.
I was looking for PM2K , Toft AtB16 and today i found a Soundcraft 2400 with a Lyrec 532 (maybe MKii, i didn't see yet) for a really good price!\
is that a good Deal? it will sound better comparing with ATB16 and Pm2K?
thanks for all your words on R/E/P forum, it helps a lot!

Andre Sangiacomo

Soundcraft 2400's were better than most of their stuff... but if memory serves me right - it required a ground buss modification to really sound "right".  The PM-2000 is really a favorite console of mine... sort of like a poor man's API with a bit better headroom... the bitch is that its a fully discrete desk which means you need to be able to work on it or have a tech on speed dial.

There are a bunch of modifications that can be done to PM-2000's that make them seriously awesome... like there is a company in Australia called JLM [I'm like 95% sure that's there name] that came up with some very interesting options for the equalizers and its probably wise to add a dedicated 2 mix buss.

If you don't have a tech that can get into these kinds of things for you... and are looking more for a "pull it out of the box - wire it up and go" kind of solution then the ATB will probably be your best option.

I hope this is of some assistance.


something about the Lyrec 532 recorder?

I've only seen / used one once... the machine is a bit of a nightmare.  Again - a really good tech would be necessary to keep the thing operating properly.  While it was probably like 20 years since I used one [the memory could be a bit fuzzy] I think I remember that it didn't handle tape all that well and on the overall didn't sound all that wonderful [in comparison to things like Ampex, MCI & Studer machines that were also being made at the same time].

Like I said - its been a while since I heard / used one.


Tim Halligan:
Re: the Lyrec 24 track deck.

I have no direct experience with them, although there was one in use around town here for a while.

I believe it was often called the "liar deck"...for a reason.



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