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i picked up a fathead for pretty cheap (the stock one, not the lundahl upgrade).  am i doing something wrong with this thing?  the low end is MASSIVE, like unusable massive.  and the top is really dark.  i know it's a ribbon, but come on.......when i sum it with a 57 it's pretty cool, but it just seems out of control.  thoughts.

also, running my amps a touch quieter, just to be safe with this ribbon, the output of the ribbon is super hot.  crazy.  maybe the ribbon is bad already.  it was brand new sealed in the box.....

i use an R84 and a shinybox 23c regularly on heavy guits.
they both grab a TON of low end. i almost always EQ a lot of it out in mix. for heavy chunka-chunka stuff i capture 2 tracks panned hard with one of these guys and then do a track (or 2) of something up the middle using an e906/e609, a 57, or a 421.

now that i think of it, usually the cab gets 3 mics every time and i just switch between mics while tracking. but yeah... these 2 ribbons always are super beefy in the low end.


the e609 sounds really honky to me.  i'm running a marshall 4x12 with vintage 30's in it.  pushing it with bogner, fender tonemaster, traynor, mesa, and marshall amps.

we've got a earthworks laying around, maybe i'll try that with the fathead ribbon.

Will F:
Heil mics are very nice on guitar amps. I've got the PR35 and 40.



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