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I'm still working out all of my tastes and in all fairness they do fluxuate frequently but after having gone through all the typical permutations of microphone choices I feel I get the best results from a beyer m88 and sennheiser 409. Every here and there a m160 might pop up as another option but that generally been my combo for the last bit. Summed at input.

One of my buddies got a recent endorsement by sE Electronics, so we got to try out a bunch of their mics on a recent session.  Most of them (to me) weren't anything super special, but then we put up one of their VR2 ribbons on a guitar cab and it sounded better than anything else we tried all day.  Since then it's been his go-to guitar mic. 

To me, it doesn't sound like a normal ribbon.. it sounded clearly better than the royer 121 when we A-B'd em, running both through neve pre's (I forget which).  Anyway here's the link to their site.. maybe they can send you a demo or something.  http://www.seelectronics.com/vr2.html

Lately a 57 paired with a U67 made me smile more than a few times. I've also done 57/Oktava 319, or 57/TLM170 with nice results. Barring that, 57/421 usually works.

I really like all the broadcast style dynamics (sm7, re20, pr40, MD441) and also 57 combined with a realy natural sounding LDC like TLM170,TLM 193 or a 414 xls.....it's pretty easy to get both of best worlds with such a combi, from the more edgy and punchy close to the grill sound of the dynamics to the smoother more roomy and fuller sound of the LDC....however i almost never mic them in one track....i prefer to use them as a dual mono pair , probably hard panned and most of the times double tracked (and opossite panned).

TLM 193 is a very underated mic for ampmicing IMO. 

Shure Unidyne and 421 bussed together.
If you find something better, let me know. I have yet to.

And I go back and forth on the ribbons. They're nice for taming high end, but so are greenbacks.


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