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looking for a new flavor for high gain rock tones.  no need for amps, we have plenty, and good cabs.  just looking to improve the mics.

i keep hearing great things about the cascade fathead.

right now i use a 421 and 57 summed to one input.  probably going to keep the 57 and change out the 421.

i'm open to suggestion..

You can't really go wrong with a Royer 121. It's probably my all time favorite guitar mic. The Coles 4038 is also really amazing.

I also like, in addition to the Royer and the 421, to use the Shure SM7 (NOT the SM7A or B). Also, if you use a Coles be SURE to NOT get it too close to the Amp. The Royer can take much more level. Haven't used a 57 on gtrs for years... MUCH too painful. Sometime I find the AKG 414 useful on gtrs since they sound like they have a built in compressor. My other go to mike, especially for drop tunings, is the old and venerable dynamic AKG D12 (NOT the D112). Best of Luck, Saint

also beyer M160 and AEA R84 are every nice  for el.guitar.

The AT4050 can be very nice on guitar amps, it won't be brighter than a 421, and most of the times the sound will be well balanced. Actually in this application it sounds completely different to what you might expect from it compared to what it does on acoustic instruments.


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