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Telefunken "Schoeps" Elam 201 Microphone

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analog Tom:
This combining technique was what was used in the Altec 639A & B ("birdcage") mics.  The bidirectional pattern was from a ribbon, and the omni from a dynamic capsule mounted just below the ribbon.  Cardioid was derived as in the Schoeps (but about 15-18 years earlier).  


In the last 30 years, ive had perhaps a dozen of these m201's. ..they are very rare..when they work properly, they are shocking sounding...very very good. comparable to ANY of the classic mics. most of these mics have the dual capsule head, but Ive seen pictures of one other of the large diaphragm capsules; correct me if im mistaken, i do not think the large capsule head has two diaphragms...one interesting note about these  mics: the famous mercury records 50's era "living stereo" recording process involved using 3 of these wonderful mics in a left/center/right array....as long as you have the cable, building an appropriate supply is not overly difficult...i believe i have a schematic of the mic system if you need one you can contact me via my website; you will also find a copy of the original sales flyer with pictures ( originally on the back of the 47 flyer) posted there......dan alexander

Tim Gray:
Speaking of these, there are 3 of them for sale on ebay right now, as well as a reportedly unopened cm-51 (not that i know what that is, but it looks relatively old.  I hope they sound good for that kind of price.

the cm-51 is just not in the same sonic galaxy as the m201; although they look cool. unopened or not, the cm51 suffers from a lack of low end response...dan alexander

Bernhard Vollmer:
.. CM51 or M201 is only the name of the amplifier part and says nothing about its capsule. For the M201 a two way capsule had been available as well as single diaphragm types. The CM51 could be equipped with a close speech capsule with similiar specifications as the current MK40 (http://www.schoeps.de/E-2004/cardioids-proxi.html#mk40). This leads to the "lack of low end response" if you use it at distances above 10cm.


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