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Author Topic: EF732 Tube - information  (Read 5530 times)

Offline MI

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EF732 Tube - information
« on: October 11, 2007, 05:03:22 pm »
Good day,

Can Klaus or anyone shed some light on this EF732 tube auction:

 http://cgi.ebay.com/1-x-Telefunken-EF732-5840-mic-amp-tube-N  OS-NIB-milspec_W0QQitemZ250144119579QQihZ015QQcategoryZ67816 QQcmdZViewItem

The seller claims it's a Telefunken made by Raytheon USA.

He also claims "labeled and boxed by Telefunken, Ulm"

I thought Tele tubes were all made in Germany?

It looks like a regular Raytheon Tube.


Please advise.


Offline Oliver Archut

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Re: EF732 Tube - informaion
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2007, 05:33:04 pm »

The EF732 was never made by Telefunken. It was rescreened in Ulm, Germany, and the going rate for an EF732/5840 is about $4.00; if you find one with Telefunken box and logo you might pay $15.00.

The black-plate -5840s are less noisy but more microphonic than the P2 metal (mouse grey) ones.

Any way, this type is pretty good for microphones, but very sensitive to biasing. Some of the 5840 designs out there sound horrible because of wrong biasing type and mostly with overload via a wrong x-former.

Hope that helps.

Oliver Archut

We are so advanced, that we can develop technology that can determine how much damage the earth has taken from the development of that technology.

Offline don kerce

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Re: EF732 Tube - informaion
« Reply #2 on: October 11, 2007, 05:36:57 pm »
Here's the EBAY info.......

1 x Telefunken EF732 microphone amp tube NOS milspec!

You are buying 1 pc. Telefunken Raytheon EF732 (5840, CV3929)  premium tube, never used, made in the USA.

These tubes are made by Raytheon in 1974 and tested, labeled and boxed by Telefunken, Ulm in 1979 for for the Bundeswehr certified on the tube by a special mark “Falcon logo” near the bottom.

 In original gov-type TFK boxes marked with "1 St.  ELEKTRONENRŐHRE 5840 = EF732 CV3929 AEG-Telefunken, Ulm / Donau" and other info. Dates on boxes are 11/79.

The Premium Subminiature EF732 (5840, CV3929)  tubes  are made for longer life and lower microphonics due to it's rugged construction.

One of the best tubes for vintage and modern condenser microphones!

Used in Altec M20 (1960’s), Brauner (VMA, Valvet, Fantom), Mojave MA-200, Soundelux (U99, E250, U99S), Telefunken USA (Ela M14, Ela M260, RFT AK47)…The 5840/EF732 is one of the last valve types to be designed. The pentode uses lead out wires for direct soldering into circuit as the valve was considered to be as reliable as the rest of the components used in the design. These tipes are characterized by long life and stable peformance, and designed for service where severe conditions of high temperature, high altitude and mecanical shock or vibration are encountered. The flexible terminal leads may be soldered or welded directly to circuit components without the use of sockets.The 5840 features a pure-tungsten heater to give long life under conditions of frequent “on-off” switching. When used in on-off control applications, the tube will maintain its emission capabilities after long periods of operation under cutoff conditions.

Warranty: Unfortunately they are not tested (measured) because our tube tester B&K 747B can not measure such type of tubes. But to ensure our customers we guarantee money back 30 day warranty in case tubes do not poses satisfactorily parameters!

Offline David Bock

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Re: EF732 Tube - information
« Reply #3 on: October 15, 2007, 02:47:58 pm »
The U95S always used an EF86, not a 732.