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 on: Yesterday at 12:46:19 pm 
Started by Dan Mortensen - Last post by Dan Mortensen
 8) :) :) :)

 on: Yesterday at 12:18:50 pm 
Started by Mikeyod - Last post by Mikeyod
O.K. thanks to Geoff Doane of this forum. I am now the proud owner of an A810 extender card !
( A80 VU extenders still a DREAM !!! )
However, I don't understand how to trace the PoP to a specific component ? I can see the normal switching on the scope and have compared it to the good card. But, I can see the PoP in any number of places on the bad card which is the result of the bad component. I was hoping this would be an opportunity for me to learn how to zero in on the failed component and not have to use trial and error and best guess method as in the past. Any advice greatly appreciated.
And one more shout out to Geoff thank you !


 on: Yesterday at 11:15:44 am 
Started by Dan Mortensen - Last post by Fletcher
I have to add that it was seriously fun to meet you, Larry, and Tom -- and great to see Dominick again.  Thank you so much for bringing this wonderful presentation to our humble saloon, and if anyone reading this has the opportunity to see it live and in person at AES -- avail yourself of the opportunity!!

I so enjoyed not only the presentation but as we were a small group we let our geek flags fly... and being retired from "audio", it was damn fun to have a couple hundred pounds of useless knowledge come flooding back to my world.  I can't remember the last time I had that much fun in that building while learning!!


 on: Yesterday at 10:14:31 am 
Started by Dominick Costanzo - Last post by Dominick Costanzo
I've a Neve 33609J that regularly has an issue with the right side showing high distortion.
I've isolated cause of distortion to the BA440 op amp module connection.
More than once, I've redone the solder of both the receptacles on the EV11475 motherboard and the pins on the BA440 card. Not just re sweating, but a full clean out of old solder and fresh solder.
It's not the BA440, I've swapped them between channels. Failure always remains on right channel.
Unit performs fine on bench for hours and fails within days of re installation into studio.
In studio the unit is in a console facing upwards
Has anyone here seen this behavior and have a solution?

 on: October 16, 2017, 03:23:29 pm 
Started by Tim Campbell - Last post by Mickeyrouse
It just seems a sad sign of the times. Harmanís sale was no doubt a harbinger of this, but since Harman acquired AKG the product line has seemed to exhibit a dumbing down. When was the last time AKG introduced a mic that was a serious contender, instead of trading on past laurels? Didnít we all know this was coming?
  I can only hope the survivors have the resources to develope, manufacture, and market serious products.  It CAN be done, but it wonít be easy.

 on: October 16, 2017, 12:43:28 pm 
Started by Tim Campbell - Last post by klaus
Yes, I too hope that, but there are some inconvenient realities of our times that need to be considered:

* a radically transformed listening behavior, which does no longer depend on high fidelity microphones

* the disappearance of physical music players replaced by streaming, which favors mass-consumption of low-fi, cookie-cutter hits over pieces of audible art, carefully crafted with fine microphones

* the use of low-cost micro-processors and digital automation of production, which has almost completely replaced serial manufacturing of hand-assembled microphones with discrete component layouts and their superior audio resolution

* the globalization of commerce, which has made the production methods and manufacturing locations of classic AKG mics unprofitable

* an added obstacle of all of the above: the disappearance of an entire sector of recording facilities, which further reduces demand for expensive hi-fi microphones

 on: October 16, 2017, 11:00:27 am 
Started by Tim Campbell - Last post by soapfoot

I can only hope that, unfettered by the corporate demands of Harman, the team can return to form making top quality microphones as they had in decades past.

 on: October 16, 2017, 03:16:52 am 
Started by Tim Campbell - Last post by Tim Campbell

 on: October 15, 2017, 08:44:33 pm 
Started by Dan Mortensen - Last post by Dan Mortensen
Hi All,

I'm significantly happy to report that we had a swell meeting today in Suffern, with about the best turnout that could be hoped for (except for missing those of you who weren't there). The presentation was enjoyed by all, and talking with them individually and as a group was even better. There was a huge amount of recording and technical expertise in the room, and they freely shared and kibitzed.

The meeting kicked off just after 1:30pm, and we had to restart a couple times to not leave out the new arrivals, which was fine. There was in fact a Jet/Patriots game today in Meadowlands, starting at 1pm, so traffic in the Northeast Corridor was screwed up for hours.

Despite that, we got through the program, although fascinating and welcome comments from attendees made precise timing impossible, but that was a minuscule price to pay to get to be part of that conversation.

The last stragglers left at about 6:40pm, after enjoying Fletcher and Plan B's wonderful food and beverages for a notable amount of time.

Present were Fletcher, Larry/Silvertone from my thread in the Hoffman forum, Dominick Costanzo from Battery Studios, and Tom Fine from whatever his mastering studio is called (can't find it online right now), plus this author.

As I said, there was a lot of recording and technical expertise in that collection of folks, and they already knew a LOT about the gear in the pictures I showed them, and were interested to see the history and details that I presented.

I did record it, but between the fact that there was a significant amount of bleed from the football watching in the bar, and that I don't have rights to the music examples I played, that recording will never be released. Sorry; for at least a while, you're going to need to be there.

Thanks to Fletcher and to all who attended. You all made my day.

From left: Larry/Silvertone, Tom Fine, Dan Mortensen, Fletcher, Dominick Costanzo
Background: The beautiful Plan B Pub in Suffern, NY

 on: October 15, 2017, 08:43:05 pm 
Started by afterlifestudios - Last post by afterlifestudios
And does everything look good in these pics?


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