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 on: November 09, 2017, 01:35:04 pm 
Started by sonicdogg - Last post by Kai
Does it catch hum if you put your hands close to it?
In that case the screens or housing are not properly grounded.
I even had issues with an early silver version with brass capsule, where the hum creeped in where the switches are located.
The housing ground connection is on the bottom screws, maybe they need to be tightened or the tooth washers are missing.
The screens got grounding wires soldered to them.
The switch area was shielded with copper foil by me to get rid of the problem.

 on: November 08, 2017, 09:07:14 pm 
Started by klaus - Last post by Timtape
If what you say were correct, why don't more people use B&K/DPA mics? Their static specs are certainly hard to beat: s/n and frequency linearity are exemplary.
Yet, they are not considered "musical" by most artists, music engineers and producers, and rarely find usage in recording studios.

What may be missing here?

Perhaps that measurement mics are calibrated (and that may mean hand selected samples) to a very strict standard, with something like a frequency response accurate within 0.3db. That will cost the company and therefore the customer more money. For audio work that sort of accuracy isnt normally required. Of course the same company could also market essentially the same mics but without such stringent specs. I cant be sure. Hard to find such information on the net.

Certainly cardioid mics are often  more desirable in an audio recording vs omnis and especially in PA situations. But as we know in this case, some  accuracy is traded off for the more useful cardioid type pattern with its selected rejection of unwanted sounds and less feedback susceptibility. This seems to reinforce the first point that in audio recording situations, some accuracy trade off is acceptable where it wouldnt be for strict measurement requirements.

 on: November 08, 2017, 08:50:12 pm 
Started by klaus - Last post by Timtape
In addition, the B & K measurement microphone is a pressure transducer with an omnidirectional pickup pattern, while the KM 184 is about 50% a pressure-gradient transducer and only about 50% a pressure transducer, resuting in a cardioid pickup pattern...

 My apologies, I meant the omni capsule of course, the KM183. 

 on: November 08, 2017, 07:23:20 pm 
Started by sonicdogg - Last post by klaus
I would not be so fast discounting cabe and termination issues as you seem to be: 90% if not more of all RF interference into condenser mics emanate from faulty terminations or bad cable product.

You now may say: "but all my other mics work fine without RF when I use that cable!" To which I respond: a bad cable/termination will put a microphone at the borderline to be more susceptible to RF into audible RF, while a good cable/termination will prevent that.

Please open both connectors of the cable with which you experienced RF in your C414EB, and report how the ground, shield and connector housing are terminated. Also let us know the brand and connector configuration (2 or 3 conductors plus, shield). Then we figure out where to take it from here.

 on: November 08, 2017, 05:31:16 pm 
Started by sonicdogg - Last post by sonicdogg
This is something I can not seem to find any information about so I thought I'd ask here. I will try to be brief. 

 A couple of years ago I purchased a used 414EB that was in reasonably poor condition. I sent it to AKG/Sennheiser for repair.  Apparently there's only(at the time) one person left there that still has a collection of parts and the knowledge to service these. It's not a brass capsule but it's also not new probably an early 80's mic.
So they repaired it and it came back sounding like it should. I used it once and stored it in its AKG case. The next time I put it up for a session, there was a loud and pronounced radio station playing through this channel. 
No, it's not in the wiring. No, it's not the cable, it is this mic and ONLY this mic. I have a lot of mics and NONE pick up radio in my room. 
Any ideas about this? Thanks.

 on: November 03, 2017, 04:19:59 am 
Started by NorthfireRecordingStudio - Last post by BillyHagen
Hi! It's a great pleasure to be connected to this forum! Thanks for asking! I'll get back with the answer in a while!

 on: November 02, 2017, 01:15:36 pm 
Started by Vertig07 - Last post by Vertig07
So I'm building a 4-pin amphenol to 3-pin XLR adapter for a Unidyne 545s. I'm no electronics master, but I've done my share of fairly intense DIY projects and for the most part, can build cables in my sleep.

That said, this amphenol connector is a mystery to me... The pins are hollow, and are inset almost 1/4" into the plastic housing, so reaching them with a soldering iron could be a very messy business (and could also melt the plastic). So I'm guessing this is intended to be a solderless connector.

Also, there is a cable clip/tension piece that I haven't quite been able to figure out (see picture).

Does anyone else have experience with this connector? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


 on: November 02, 2017, 06:13:34 am 
Started by Thomas W. Bethel - Last post by Thomas W. Bethel
Hey, while we are on topic of T-Racks, what are your thoughts on their MAX suite?
They have come a lonnnggg way.

.. thoughts people?


I haven't tried their most recent offerings but the software was pretty bad a couple of years ago. At that time they seemed to only be offering ways of "winning" the loudness wars. I was not impressed. Maybe I should see what the currently have to offer. Thanks!

 on: November 01, 2017, 08:45:41 pm 
Started by Thomas W. Bethel - Last post by KAyo
Hey, while we are on topic of T-Racks, what are your thoughts on their MAX suite?
They have come a lonnnggg way.

.. thoughts people?


 on: October 31, 2017, 04:03:11 pm 
Started by opacheco - Last post by opacheco
Yeah, I'm really interested where I can get them too.
No one probably reads this thread:(

ebay is the only one site where you can find this kind of units; but you will need a lot of luck because everyday is more rare to see them for sell there!!.

I am in the mod process until because I have not time but have some ideas for but need study more in detail that ideas and its effects. Its a shame but there is no description in anywhere about mods for these units. Do you??


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