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 on: October 14, 2017, 01:22:25 pm 
Started by Dan Mortensen - Last post by Dan Mortensen
...a black and gold little pub called "Plan B".

That's a real pretty-looking place, Fletcher. I'm looking forward to seeing it in person.

Just a reminder to the group that it's tomorrow at 1:30pm. Since there's a non-zero chance that there will be absolutely no one there (other than Fletcher), note that if that occurs I won't post an update here, out of embarrassment.

If there is someone I'll be happy and will write a little report with a few pictures, because I think it's an interesting subject. And it's nice to have a gathering of people interested in audio so we can talk about the subject we love.

So I hope if anyone reading this is able to get to Suffern without suffering too much, that you will join us.


 on: October 14, 2017, 01:13:01 pm 
Started by Blas - Last post by Dan Mortensen

I picked up  a bottle of Fa-breeze (sp?) and wiped them down (which took hours) and packed 'em back up in my road case.  After almost 1 month later, I was horrified to open the case and get hit with that damn smell!  So, I am open to suggestions to remove the odor (and will charge new client's a cleaning fee, should it be in any location that there are butt-suckers). Idea's??

Don't store them in road cases?

The most horrible smells (including when cables are new) will linger on for years if stored in closed containers, but will dissipate in weeks (maybe) if left in the open so the outgassing can occur and be replaced by clean air.

Putting a fan on them quickens the process.

Be patient and you won't notice the smell after a while. That's been my experience, anyway.

 on: October 13, 2017, 07:46:05 pm 
Started by Blas - Last post by mbrebes
Hopefully you made an extra CD.  I would import the CD into a stereo track on Nuendo and verify that it matches the audio on the session.  If it doesn't then you know that you did something wrong in the process of outputting the files and making the CD.  If it does, then I would verify that the pitch on the original mobile DAW matches the pitch of your "Darth Fader" session.  You have to isolate where the error occurred.

 on: October 13, 2017, 04:09:08 pm 
Started by afterlifestudios - Last post by afterlifestudios
Does anyone have experience with Mylar versions of the m934c capsules on m221 amplifiers? I've used a pair with nickel capsules but, I have not heard the Mylar version.  Apparently they are not reskinned, but left the factory this way.  Is that likely?  Does anyone have any comparison info between the two membranes they could share?  (The amplifiers (mpedance converters) are proper Schoeps with ac701k's in them.


 on: October 13, 2017, 12:43:45 pm 
Started by Blas - Last post by Blas
Wish it was jus' my eyes, but nope in my cables.  I had done a mobile session that had my mobile gear set up for about 10 days.  I covered the DAW system, mic's were pulled but the canare cabling I have my tech create where let in place.  Well as I was packing off the rig, I realized the cig smoke had sifted from the bands upstairs living quarters down into my mic lines!  I do require no smoking around my gear, but wasn't wise enough to consider long term exposure to cables.

I picked up  a bottle of Fa-breeze (sp?) and wiped them down (which took hours) and packed 'em back up in my road case.  After almost 1 month later, I was horrified to open the case and get hit with that damn smell!  So, I am open to suggestions to remove the odor (and will charge new client's a cleaning fee, should it be in any location that there are butt-suckers). Idea's?? 

 on: October 13, 2017, 09:48:47 am 
Started by Thomas W. Bethel - Last post by Thomas W. Bethel
And yet another one.  This time with AI!


 on: October 12, 2017, 06:07:01 pm 
Started by Blas - Last post by Blas
Guys, I had a recent situation that has me perplexed (which isn't hard to do) and hope you have suggestions to resolve this"?".  I rolled out, did a mobile session using a DAW that has the Nuendo platform, running a RME Hammerfall 9652 audio card system.  I tracked @ 96/32 to a SCSI drive in a carrier.  I used a Focusrite 828 front end, feeding S/Mux lightpipe into the DAW.

The artist's didn't want to review any playback in the can's.  I brought the raw tracks into the studio and attempted to just move the SCSI into the main DAW's (coined as 'Darth Fader')carrier port (the normal method of the way I work on live recordings).  But the big tower unit didn't want to see the SCSI at all, so I had to go back to the mobile DAW, load back the drive and transfer the audio wav files over via S/Mux lightpipe as a new project.

All went well as I mixed their work and sent them a CDr of the mixes.  Here's the nightmare...the female vocalist has perfect pitch and informed me the CD was a whole step off!  First, what could have caused such, and what's the best approach to 'fix-the-mix'?

In the future, I guess I need some type of reference note to ensure I know everything's okay.

Semper Fidelity,

 on: October 11, 2017, 04:53:46 pm 
Started by Dan Mortensen - Last post by Fletcher
I should mention... if you're taking the bus... you will leave New Jersey and enter New York.  About ½ a mile down the road on your right you will see a construction site [5 story building... they have the fire stairs and elevator shafts done].  Next to that construction site [OK... 3 doors down], you will see a black and gold little pub called "Plan B"... get off at the next bus stop, walk back to the bar... maybe 200 yards.

If you're coming by train, take the stairs down to the street and turn right.  There will be a bridge behind you... as  you walk up the street you'll see the fore mentioned construction site -- walk toward it, turn right, at the top of the small ramp road you will hit the main avenue.  You will see the train tracks in front of you... until you turn right.  Walk past the construction site, and you'll see a couple of red umbrellas with some tables... and once you're actually past the construction site, you'll see a black and gold little pub called "Plan B".

 on: October 11, 2017, 08:37:19 am 
Started by AusTex64 - Last post by soapfoot
Interesting, Jim!

Is there a way to describe the differences one might hear?

 on: October 09, 2017, 08:42:27 pm 
Started by Dan Mortensen - Last post by Dan Mortensen
So just to be consistent, here is an official meeting announcement that was put together after talking with Fletcher (Thanks, Fletcher!!!!):

History of CBS Records’ 30th Street Studio Presentation

Sunday, October 15, 2017, 1:30pm — ?

Plan B
114 Orange Avenue
Suffern, NY 10901

Plan B website

New Jersey Transit Trip Planner

Fletcher says it's a 4 minute walk from the train station.

Presented by Dan Mortensen at Fletcher’s (formerly of Mercenary Audio) Plan B Pub, as a dry run for presentation  at the New York AES Convention on October 21 (see below)

There was a wonderful yet somewhat inscrutable place called the 30th Street Studio at which dozens if not hundreds or even thousands of remarkable-sounding recordings were made for over 30 years. It was located in Manhattan NYC at 207 East 30th Street.

It was described in various places as an abandoned Greek Orthodox church that Columbia turned into a recording studio which was recognized as so perfect-sounding immediately upon acquisition that the decree went out: Don't change anything in it, don't wash the floors or paint the walls or fix it up in any way. Leave it like it is!

It was also described as a gargantuan space (100' x 100' x 100') that had perfect reverberation.

We know for sure about the extraordinary-sounding recordings that came out of it and we still listen to today, but the particulars of its structure and spaces were lost to demolition, and as more questions are asked the details in the answers get fuzzier.

Dan Mortensen, co-moderator of the AES’s Pacific Northwest Section’s 6 or 8 meetings looking into his career with Frank Laico, Columbia Records’ recording engineer for over 30 years (his career there roughly coincided with the life of the studio), became more and more interested in those nagging details and has been pursuing research into it ever since his first meeting with Frank in December 2008.

Dan has also founded a group to memorialize the studio called Friends of the 30th Street Studio (Fo30St), and has held four meetings in New York since 2012 in which people who worked there or are interested in its memory gather to discuss it and to see the fruits of Dan's and other people's research and share memories.

The truth is that Frank and others who were there were remembering through nearly 50 years of memories without much physical evidence, and as entertaining and plausible as the memories were they were not fully accurate. The spirit was entirely correct but not the complexity of reality.

Come join us and see and hear our current understanding after 9 years of research of what the studio was like over its 33 year life span and how it evolved in that time. There will be lots of pictures, and some but not a lot of music, as this is about the studio and not its product. The studio story is complicated enough, as you will see.

This presentation is a dry run for a presentation at the next New York AES Convention, when Dan will present it on October 21 from 10:45am-12:15pm Room 1E08 (Archiving and Restoration track, AR04) in the Javits Center. Your input for improvement will be appreciated.

We will have time in Suffern to talk about other audio subjects, too, so if you have some pictures of something interesting bring them and we’ll do our best to fit them into the time available.

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