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Author Topic: MS recording with a Sanken  (Read 867 times)


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MS recording with a Sanken
« on: September 20, 2004, 01:54:26 pm »

I'm gonna record a choir ensemble and lucky me the group has some money to spend so they give me the chance to rent a couple stuff.
I was looking for a Royer SF12 but my renting company (Funky Junk Italy) didn't have any in stock so they gave me a Sanken CMS2. A very nice mic indeed.
I tested it with the resident drum set of the studio and the first thing I notice is the excessive gain amount I have to use. After fooling around a bit i just gave up. Is it normal that I have to use about 60dB of my Hardy M1 for a mic placed as overhead on a drum set played buy a very rude drummer (that's me)? I'm very worried about tomorrow's session with the choir. I'll bring my Crown SASS with me anyway but I was very curios to try the Sanken. BTW, the sound of the mic is very very nice. Very flat and natural. And the MS mikin' has a beatiful stereo image but the gain structure puzzles me.
Anyone care to help?

Ronnie Amighetti
Laboratorio di registrazione sonora

"I'm fucking busy and vice versa."
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Re: MS recording with a Sanken
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2004, 12:55:23 am »

You may also wish to cross post this in George Massenburg's forum and maybe Klause's (the Mic Lab). I know George uses the Sankens and may be able to give good reply. I myself do not know them, but they many people seem to cherish them.
Kurt Thompson
Vibrational Arts, Inc.
Blue Skyway Music
Sonic Sorcery Studios
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