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Author Topic: Odd ball idea for MS technique  (Read 34 times)

John Marsden

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Odd ball idea for MS technique
« on: Yesterday at 12:18:40 am »

Daft question
If I point two small Ĺ inch condenser mics away from each other  (Rode M5ís)
and then point a third microphone forwards at 90 degree to them (Rode NT2-A)
Can I use this as a sort MS arrangement? I know itís not really what you should do. But just thinking of a back up plan if one of my two NT2ís should fail (ie get stolen!)

Ie do the two M5ís almost equal a figure of 8 arrangement  And given that can I just pan them right and left and use them to add wide stereo sound.

And then I got to thinking can I make the front mic xy and place a pair of mics pointing off to the right and left to create the wider ambient field.

Aim to use for classical trio or piano ensemble stuff in a hall.

Thanks to anyone with a suggestion


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Re: Odd ball idea for MS technique
« Reply #1 on: Yesterday at 04:04:15 am »

To be a proper MS you would need to flip the polarity of one of the side microphones. Otherwise it won't cancel when collapsed to mono.
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