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Author Topic: VINTAGE PREAMPS(neve,telefunken,langevin,calrec etc)-STUDIO MONITORS(genelec etc  (Read 1358 times)


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-yamaha ns10m studio speakers
-yamaha ns10 tweeter
-various hi fi speakers
-genelec s30cv pair 3 way studio monitors 
-genelec 8050 a studio monitors
-genelec 7070a sub
-genelec 1032 studio monitors




-peavey vmp2 valve preamp+ eq
-filtek-bfe 2 ch preapm with eq from vintage console
-abe-EMT b 411.7 2ch plus eq(from a vintage console)
-telefunken v672
-langevin am17 preamp
-calrec preamps (ax 1637  and ax 1638)
-neve modules( ba438 1 ch  input amplifier   ba440 1 ch output amplifier
summing 2ch ev10852)

- MINDPRINT-DI-PORT 24 Bit Stereo Microphone Preamp and AD/DA Converter (NOT..VINTAGE  BUT A VERY FLEXIBLE UNIT  ;)   )

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