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Author Topic: 2011 Macbook Air + Synthogy Ivory2, hard drive, interface- USB PORTS?  (Read 2254 times)

Offline adman73

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Hey there.

For specific reasons, I need to make Synthogy Ivory (a software sampler requiring iLok) work on a mid 2011 Macbook Air, with an external hard disk.

PROBLEM: Not enough USB ports. Only two. The iLok needs one. The hard drive needs one. And then I need a third for my audio/midi interface (M Audio Fast Track Pro) for my Midi controller.

Obvious thought is a USB hub. But if I go that route, which two things go on the hub? Obviously the iLok does, but then does the midi/audio interface go on the hub too, and then the hard drive get its own dedicated USB port?

Is it worth spending the money on a Thunderbolt to eSata interface (circa $150) to put adapt the hard drive to the Thunderbolt port, then give the iLok and the interface their own ports?

Anyone have any experience with this and what would work best?

Thanks so much!