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Author Topic: EMU Emulator X Card?  (Read 3583 times)


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EMU Emulator X Card?
« on: August 02, 2004, 11:47:19 pm »

Is anyone using the EMU Emulator X card or studio?  My salesperson at RSPE Audio Solutions is recommending it over gigastudio for better sound quality.  I don't know how well the EMU program will translate giga format sample libraries (I'll want to use those for sure), or how stable it is.  A lot of giga users have the RME Hammerfall card with multiple lightpipe outputs and wordclock, which the Emulator X doesn't have.  Still, I'm interested because I've thought the EMU samplers sound pretty good in the past, and wouldn't be surprised if the 'X' sounded better than gs.

I should add that I'm mainly after a realistic classical grand piano sound and, later on, "realistic as possible" orchestral instruments, esp. string sections for video post and such.
Ross Whitney
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