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Author Topic: RME 9632/Ultragain or ESI WR 192x  (Read 3891 times)


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RME 9632/Ultragain or ESI WR 192x
« on: July 13, 2004, 05:10:43 pm »

There are only three distributors of pro recording audio interfaces in country where I live and they sell ESI, RME and M- Audio products.
Beside soundtracks based on MIDI I just started work on localisations for  some foreign game publishers,(  recording voice acting ) therefore a solid  natural sounding mic pres and converters are imperative.
There are two products available at this time that I can afford. ESI Wami Rack 192x and RME HDSP 9632, ESI 192x will give me four  ins with preamps and phantom power for Octava Mk319 mic, other solution would be RME HDSP 9632 with Behringer Ultragain T1953 Tube, 2 channel mic preamp or M-Audio DMP3 preamp.
Which one would be better choice ,  I read that both,RME and ESI have solid drivers
I do not hear many good things about Behringer equipment though, but as you can see I haven't much choice.
RME AND ESI distributor is recording pro also for many years and he said that RME and Ultragain are better choice than  Wami Rack, because ESI pres and converters "sounds dry" He also said that RME are among best sound cards  for professional use and even rated them above Lynx, but there is not much info on their new HDSP 9632 card.
Anyway, I would still like to hear  some more opinions on products mentioned above.
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