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Author Topic: Steven Slate Drum Samples ... MP3 Demos Posted  (Read 5142 times)

Offline YellowMatter

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Steven Slate Drum Samples ... MP3 Demos Posted
« on: December 22, 2006, 04:34:38 pm »

www.stevenslatedrums.com audio demos at the site and posted below

"Introducing Steven Slate Drums, the most complete, best sounding drum sample CD you will ever hear, from Yellow Matter Entertainment. Made with the mixer in mind, the sample disc contains many unique features not found in any other drum sample discs.

First and foremost is the sound. Steven has sold drum samples to some of the country's top mixers. His samples are big, fat, and punchy sounding. The samples have been thoroughly tweaked and tested in actual mixes within various musical styles. Where many drum sample discs are very raw and unprocessed, Steven Slate drum samples have been eq'd and compressed with precision so that you can put them in a mix and simply throw the fader up. Little to no tweaking is necessary, the work has been done, the sound is already there.

Another unique feature is Z system. Every single drum sample set is processed in one of three ambient spaces. For instance, Z1 mono sets are sampled so that there is slight amount of close ambient micing creating a three dimensional, airy, punchy, natural drum tone. Zone 2 sets are stereo samples, and have heavily compressed far room mics mixed in with closer mics, and the result is a larger then life, deep and fat sound that has great dimension even in thick rock mixes. Zone 3 mono sets are very dry and are not processed with any ambient mics, creating a sound that is ultra punchy and “in your face”. These sets are great with most punk and speed metal mixing.

On many sample CDs, a particular drum is sampled with one sound. However, any drummer knows that different sounds can be had from a drum by tuning the drum at certain tensions, by dampening and undampening the drum, by using different drum heads, or by tightening and loosing the snares. Steven Slate Drums makes use of all these wonderful sounds, and many of the drums are sampled with different tunings, different heads, and different dampenings. For instance, a pop rock song will probably require a low tuned, long decaying, non ringing snare drum sound. A hard rock tune might require a high tuned, quick decaying, open sounding snare drum with a touch of natural shell ring.

As any pro audio engineer knows, running audio through various different gear can create subtle to obvious sonic differences. Some of the samples on Steven Slate Drums were processed through different eq's and compressors, yielding a similar sound with a slightly different quality which may suit certain mixes better. For instance, by using a different compression chain, Steven could change the sound of the initial transient from ultra tight and punchy, to ultra splatty with more decay sound and body. You can read about EVERY drum sample set by going to www.stevenslatedrums.com and clicking on drum index."

audio demos:
Live Drum Loop, kick toms and snare 100% replaced, this demo shows of some great rock samples, thens reveals the original drums, then puts the samples back in with a full mix.

Live Drum Loop, kick and snare 100% replaced, "dirty rock"

Live Drum Loop, kick and snare 100% replaced, "metal rock"

FullMix, Slow Rock Ballad, kick/toms and snare 100% replaced

FullMix, Pop Rock, kick/toms and snare 100% replaced

FullMix, Hard Rock, kick/toms and snare 100% replaced

Full MASTERED MIX, Hard Rock, kick/snare 100% replaced, turn your volume down, its loud!

technical specs:
24bit 44.1khz mono and stereo samples (Z1 and Z3 mono, Z2 stereo)
multi hits, multi velocities

On sale now for $199 limited time introductory offer.
Happy Holidays, get yourself an early present! Cheers

hear drum samples used by the industry's top mixers at:

Offline Bang

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Re: Steven Slate Drum Samples ... MP3 Demos Posted
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2007, 01:37:20 pm »
Just wanted to add to this, as we have a lot more newer demos at the site.  Hear them at

also there is a new groupbuy organized by Gearslutz mod George Necola, info at:

Steven Slate Drums 2.0 NOW SHIPPING!!
Hear MODELED DRUMKITS of your favorite artists at

Offline Bang

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Re: Steven Slate Drum Samples ... MP3 Demos Posted
« Reply #2 on: January 13, 2007, 03:21:20 pm »
Today is the last day of the group buy.  If you buy before tomorrow, you WILL get 50 dollars BACK via paypal.  


www.stevenslatedrums.com/groupbuy.html  for more info
Steven Slate Drums 2.0 NOW SHIPPING!!
Hear MODELED DRUMKITS of your favorite artists at