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Author Topic: Converter's  (Read 4713 times)

Offline jaffa

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« on: September 20, 2006, 06:48:58 am »
Buying converter's must be the most difficult thing when they're included within a package. For instance at the moment I have an Audient Sumo on hire. This is a very useful unit for me. I'm using it as a part summing box/ keyboard input. I'm interested in buying it and they have an A/D converter option. The ease of having this onboard the Sumo is attractive but I can't help thinking that buying a Lavry blue for instance as a separate unit would be the way to go. How can anyone tell what the conversion on these 'add ons' are like? Very few (if any) Sumo's have them fitted for trial.
Is there anything in the technical spec I should be looking at for comparison? That is if I can get hold of the tech spec on the Sumo A/D. Does having the converter as part of the unit help as far as sound quality is concerned?

Thanks for any help,